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Dynamic Spades Cartridge Needles


As Good as Gold! Spades premium-grade cartridge needles.

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Dynamic Spades Cartridge Needles


As Good as Gold! Spades premium-grade cartridge needles.

Its secret is the top-quality of the needles meeting professional tattooists’ standards! Thanks to the different sizes of liners there are no limits to the artist’s individual creative freedom.

Filling in the colors is as easy as applying it with the top-class needles – either by dipping the running machine into a small pot of color or by filling color into the upper opening of the cartridge. What is more, the single-use material can quickly be changed and allows for perfect, uncomplicated, and hygienic work!

  • Robotic Laser-Guided Manufacturing
  • Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Medical Grade Plastic Components
  • Internal Membrane for Reducing Ink Spit Back
  • Compatible with all Cartridge Grips and Machines

Dynamic Color




1205CM, 1207CM, 1209CM, 1211CM, 1213CM

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